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Please follow the link to a new SCI resource handout: “Health Considerations in Spinal Cord Injury: A Handbook for People with SCI, which was collaboratively developed by Dr. Sara Salles of the University of Kentucky, Dr. Michael Stillman of the University of Louisville, and Alison Smith of the University of Louisville.

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We are proud to end the year on a high note, and to celebrate we would like to let all of the community and our partners know just what hard work and dedication can do. Please check out all of the wonderful things we have been able to accomplish over the last five years. KARRN Five Year List of Accomplishments

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NEW: We have a new traumatic brain injury (TBI) resource. Click here for a flow chart of resources designed at helping friends and family who’ve sustained a TBI get the help they need.

Mission Statement: A collaborative team including individuals impacted by neurological conditions, providers who can serve them, members of communities in which they live, advocates and researchers who investigate these impairments will identify, develop and disseminate information and strategies, and maximize resources to improve outcomes and quality of life.