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This page is designed for those who attended the first annual Kentucky SCI Congress to leave a comment about their experiences and what they hope to accomplish in the coming months.

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  1. I was privileged to attend the inaugural Kentucky Spinal cord Injury Congress and encouraged by what I saw. The attendees I interacted with were excited and ready to act to make changes. I’m very excited to keep working with like-minded individuals. I will note that I was disappointed more paras didn’t make it to the meeting.

    1. Kudos for chiming in Micah! This is how change starts….let’s hope others start to post quotes!

  2. Who would have thought that the inaugural KY Congress on SCI would be held here in Lexington and that we are leading an important and vital effort for our voices to be heard throughout the commonwealth?! Although our attendance numbers were not what we had hoped for, I was very encouraged to see a variety of folks that represented many different and distant counties in our commonwealth. A great sense of unity/community developed during our day-long event and we cannot afford to lose that momentum! Those who were able to attend saw and contributed first hand to how many issues we face in the SCI community. Now we must each try to reach out to each other through the committees that we signed up for so that we can get organized….actions speak louder than words or complaints. Please encourage others to visit this KARRN website to express their voices and opinions. Remember, we started this congress, so we are in charge of ensuring it’s success in the form of legislative changes, which we ALL will help to resolve IF we at least join in conversations! PLEASE ACT IN SOME MANNER TO ADRESS THE ISSUES ASSIGNED TO THE 4 VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES…..MORE TO FOLLOW SOON!

  3. I was excited, impressed,disappointed and confused. I was so excited to be apart of the inaugural spinal cord congress. I was impressed with individuals I met. I was disappointed that so few people in a wheel chair attended the meeting. Since my accident I have incountered so many things that needs change. Then I was confused, There were so many thoughts and problems that needs a solution. I hope working as a group we can find a solution .

  4. I had a wonderful experience – it was energizing and challenging. I do think that, even though attendance what not was was hoped for, it was a group that was motivated and committed. I think that we can draw more people in the future, once they see that we are tackling issues and effecting change. I encourage us to not be overwhelmed by all the “challenges” but to realize that Rome was not built in a day and we can make a difference if we work together and keep each other going. I, like Micah, felt privileged to be invited and to have the chance to meet and work with so many interested (and interesting!) individuals.

  5. The SCI Congress was a good experience for me. I feel that we are a group that benefits from interacting more with each other, but that such interactions don???t naturally occur very often (and the low turnout may indicate that even facilitated interactions aren???t happening with as much frequency as they should). I particularly liked, and learned from, the different perspectives that participants shared regarding how factors related to SCI have changed over the years ??? some in positive ways, some in not so positive ways. I also really like to complain, so in that sense it was definitely my kind of event.

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