Reminder: KARRN will not have a conference this year

We will resume our conference in 2017 and please be thinking about the next conference’s topics, speakers and format – we welcome any suggestions!

KARRN decided in January 2016 that we will not have a conference this fall. We have been focusing on other initiatives, and after six or seven consecutive years of annual conferences, we decided to take some time to reassess our educational efforts.

We have put more emphasis on service-related activities and making our website a more useful resource.

Also, we received some very detailed information from the evaluations after our last conference, and we wish to take that helpful feedback into consideration as we take a year to plan the direction for the 2017 conference.

Stay tuned as we gear up for 2017 – it will be a great exchange of ideas and we look forward to seeing you then! In the meantime, please consider joining us in our monthly meetings!

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