The Cure Map Documentary Visits Lexington

KARRN members Sasha Rabchevsky (plus his students and post-docs in his lab) and Jason Jones (plus his family) recently participated in interviews for The Cure Map’s project. Lexington was its 18th stop. In the filmmakers’ own words, “Over the next year, two women, a dog named Milo, and a lineup of friends and collaborators will be traveling around the country. So here we are, beginning our efforts to make a difference. To educate the world about current Spinal Cord Injury research; why it always seems so close yet so far away, and to inspire faith in its future. To share the many stories of people affected by paralysis … we are wildly determined and maybe a little crazy. So if we can help find a cure for paralysis in any way by making this film, then we will have accomplished what we set out to do.”

Their project captures the “immense struggle and hidden possibilities” of SCI and SCI research. To follow the Cure Map and its journeys on Facebook, click here. Thanks for your participation, Sasha and Jason!



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